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jEncrypt SMS Encryption

4 usd

This application allows you to create a secure connection between mobile phones, giving the ability to safely send text messages. It is designed to provide the maximum level of privacy for your sms communication. The algorithm in use is immune to linear and differential cryptanalysis and uses a mode that prevents frequency analysis. Outgoing ciphertexts are virtually impossible to break. Brute-forcing a single message would require a very time-consuming attack with millions years of uninterrupted computing. The data you transmit is safe, as long as both phones contents remain out of attackers reach. This app gives you the power of secure data transmission. You decide how you use it.jEncrypt allows you to easily and securely store keys in an encrypted database. Incoming ciphertexts are automatically detected and decrypted. Depending on the selected security level outgoing messages are automatically encrypted. Application has a built-in module for manual data encryption and decryption.